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Near North Petherwin

Tabby our 14.3 twenty year old Irish Cob is in need of someone who can give her the attention she deserves but must stay at her current yard. This is the pony you’ve dreamed of, she was a bought as a family pony and ridden by two daughters who grew up and learnt to ride on her, whilst also ridden by the mother as well. However now both daughters are at university and mother is busy with work she needs someone new to have as much fun with her as we all did!


Tabby is an allrounder who has been there, done it and knows more than you! She hacks out alone and in company, never spooky or fizzy but 100% enjoys it. She LOVES jumping, this is her most favourite thing and she is incredible at it.. She will give any rider ounces of confidence and has for all of us as well as our family and friends.


However whilst she is incredible she is not a robot and therefore is not perfect. She is very good on the ground but can threaten to kick if she is fed up or annoyed (eg- if you are poking her belly or trying to give her hugs). She does not like small children running around her but if they are sensible and do not walk behind her she is fine. Sadly a few years ago she had an accident in a horse box and will not travel unless sedated so she ABSOLUTELY CANNOT COMPETE (sorry). You are more than welcome to do anything else you like with her.


As we said above Tabby MUST be kept at her current yard near North Petherwin/ Launceston and this is not flexible, our yard has excellent facilites, with an well lit indoor school, and lots of off-road hacking which she knows well. Whilst we do not have a lot of time we would still need to see Tabby at least once every two weeks to ensure everything is going well as we love her dearly and would miss her if we didn’t. If this pony sounds like the right fit for you then please give us a call so we can talk further.